Looking for Investors from 50.000, - and large investors for the interesting project "Forever Young"

Foreveryoung - Your investment for your future!
The dream of eternal youth!

We are used to getting older and to die some day. We are more and more focused on our daily business and sometimes we do not notice in which rat race we are and pushing the important things of life in the background. We take this easy way and believe that aging could be delayed by diet and exercise alone. I know athletes, artists, top scientists, billionaires ... who died despite balanced variety of dietary, personal trainer or Life-coaches between 60 and 100 years of life in old age. Even the pharaohs, Genghis Khan, the Chinese emperors, ... who had "all means" available, have dealt with immortality - in vain! Only the Bible is evidence: Methuselah got father at the age of 169 and died at the age of 969 or the tree of life. Unfortunately, most people dont belive this. But, what if...?

The internal clock:
It does not fall on that the "body clock" is ticking. Our cells divide 50 times, then they die. Then if you're older, you can not help yourself. My grandmother was 90 years old, was full of life and did not want to die.

  • What brings Succession Planning, Family Management, Family Office, foundations?
  • What brings stocks, bonds, investments or returns?
  • What brings education, values / goals, prosperity, growth or your role in society if your friends and the people which understands you become less and your life gets into the last phase?
Does dying realy need to be?
We live in a new, entertaining time - the scientific research could find a way to bring the age up to 300 years and increase longer youthfulness and vitality!

To do this, we need investors.
The research grants are too limited to really move forward a research branch. Also in the telecommunications and the Internet were huge sums invested - only this has allowed the progress and brings demonstrable benefits for both sides. The next big hype will be healthcare - life sciences with the improvement of health and life extension. Help!

Brakeman and supporters?
Already the past shows us: there are brakes!
  • People will rant that this is frivolous
  • There will be people who say that this will just pull out the money of your pocket
  • There will be those who have ethical concerns
  • There will be people who say this is not possible
  • and much more
  • There are also people with idealism which believe in the project "Forever Young"
  • There will be people who want to work with on this project
  • There are also people who invest money. Also or especially because we do not know if this ever comes back or a return is to be expected.
  • There will be people which set there prime focus on this projekt
  • There will be people which look forward and be full of hope so they support this project
So it was with many important, world-changing achievements in the history. It has often shown that especially risk and daring feat is the reason for the entire technological and health progress of our society.

There is the brakeman who remind of caution and there are promoters who want to promote something and achieve? Which side are you on?

The way:
For us there is a clear, complex path to go.